Since 1975, the UCLA Women's Studies Program has offered an undergraduate curriculum.  In 1989, the Program initiated the process of creating a graduate curriculum; in the fall of 1999 we accepted applications and in fall 2000 we admitted our first graduate students.

The UCLA Women's Studies Program targets two kinds of people: those committed to a career in Women's Studies academia and those who have experience in feminist program administration and work.

The UCLA Women's Studies Graduate Program is a small, highly selective program that admits no more than five students per year. The Ph.D. program is designed for applicants prepared to work in the competitive atmosphere of post-secondary teaching and research. The MA program welcomes individuals who seek to enhance their credentials or performance in women-related social service agencies or businesses.

Please take special note: The MA in Women's Studies requires two years; the Ph.D. requires five or more years, including dissertation research and writing. Support will be awarded on a merit basis and is highly competitive. International students are urged to find support within their countries of origin due to the high-cost of non-resident tuition.

Among other benefits, we provide graduate students with opportunities to participate in scholarly conferences and to compete for awards and fellowships.

Aims and Objectives of the Women's Studies Graduate Program

The goal of the Women's Studies Graduate Program is to educate teachers, researchers and professionals in the interdisciplinary field of Women's Studies.  It offers three programs of study (Concentration, MA and Ph.D. ).  Courses taught by Women's Studies faculty from a variety of departments and professional schools.

Applications & Admissions

The deadline for application is the second Friday of December. All admitted students are expected to enroll the following fall. Before submitting the various parts of the application to Women's Studies and the Graduate Division of UCLA, please read all forms and instructions carefully.

Fees & financial support
Application procedures
Application requirements


Current WSP Graduate Students - Information for current Women's Studies graduate students.  Note: Restricted access.  If you forgot your password, please email women@women.ucla.edu.


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